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5-6 December | Pristina, Kosovo

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In order to establish Government, which is Open and Transparent, we need accessible Data. Thus, GOT Data is back by popular demand. GOT Data is an annual international conference, which gathers public officials and other International open data and transparency stakeholders to discuss the importance and impact that open data has.

This year’s event unfolds on 5-6 December 2019 in Pristina, Kosovo, and will present insightful talks on Open Contracting, Artificial Intelligence and Policy-Making, Data Journalism, as well as models of collaboration between implementing partners. With civil society’s evaluation of current circumstances with a never-ending search for improvement, we direct our attention towards the rapid development of new technologies, and how these can be incorporated into methods which seek to optimize existing processes.

Conference Sessions

Session 1. - Open Contracting

Annually, governments spend huge sums of money through contracts, from pencils to infrastructure projects. This global spending amounts to US$9.5 trillion+ each year. 57% of foreign bribery cases under the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention involved bribes to obtain public contracts. Open contracting delivers better deals and enables data analysis of public procurement.

Session 2. - Data Journalism: A new way of combating disinformation?

Data-driven journalism strives to reach new levels of service for the public, helping the general public or specific groups or individuals to understand patterns and make decisions based on the findings. Most of the famous media outlets around the world have engaged teams that would conduct stories based on open data. Data journalism is a stronger form of investigation as it strengthens the cases written by a journalist.

Civic-tech community can be crucial to the governments.

Session 3. - AI with Policy Making. Challenges and Solutions

If there is a general lack of trust towards governments today, are we then — as citizens — also right to distrust the tools provided to us by the public administration? An answer to this is becoming very urgent in the field of automated decision making and AI. We not only have to discuss the challenges but also come up with solutions on how to regulate this sphere.

Session 4. -
How To Build Successfull Collaboration Between Different Stakeholders

One of the missions of civic technologists is to support governments in delivering better services to the citizens. During the workshop, we will assess the models of cooperation between civic technologists and the government, focusing on conditions which these models require to function. The workshop will focus on how to implement solutions in AI policies or open contracting standards.

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