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This conference explores the intersection between Government, Technology and Data all around the world.


GOT_Data International Conference represents the intersection between Technology, Government and Data while grasping the revolutionized and digitized landscape on how we interact on a daily basis with the government, businesses and citizens. GOT_Data International Conference is a space where the implications of this interaction are portrayed and discussed with the aim to explore such intersections from diverse viewpoints.

Open Data, Artificial Intelligence, Open Contracting, Data-Journalism, Collaboration, Digitalisation, Emerging Challenges from COVID-19, are amongst some of the topics tackled during the conference. More than ever, the 2020 landscape and recent developments point towards the dire need of intertwined and interconnected systems that enable a holistic approach to 21st century challenges.

With this in mind, the thematic areas of the conference, namely, Technology, Government and Data, have brought together over the past three years public institution representatives, CSO community, business sector, media, activists, influencers etc. from the international landscape to debate and discuss.

Open Data Kosovo in partnership with ePaństwo Foundation organizes this conference from 2018.

Previous Editions

GOT_Data International Conference 2018

With the theme ‘Opening Data in Public Administration’ exclusively focused on how open data within public institutions was integrated and how open data projects are being carried out across different environments. Specifically, the impact of open data was discussed and its various benefits, thus demonstrating how open data enables fast and easy access to data produced by public institutions which in turn enable the re-usage of data for various purposes.

GOT_Data International Conference 2019

With the theme ‘Government, Technology and Open Data’ exclusively focused on advocating for gov-tech models implementation taking into account citizens’ contribution and involving civic tech communities. The sessions involved various discussions with the aim to: enhance practical exchange and problem-solving to connect sectors of public administration and civic tech through inviting their representatives to the debate and performing examination of their needs, opinions and collaboration capacity, and to strengthen the civic tech community in respect of collaboration with governments.

GOT_Data International Conference 2020

With the theme ‘Openness during Shutdown: How COVID-19 Exposed the Need for Fast and Easy Access to Data’ exclusively focused on how the COVID-19 pandemic changed how every institution works and how the need for timely data has multiplied. The sessions revolved around the state of open data from various perspectives and how the COVID-19 pandemic pushed for fundamental changes to work as we know it. In addition, it was discussed how the emerging challenges stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic contributed to the ever-increasing need for data-driven solutions.

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