International Conference

December 2020 | Online

Openness during Shutdown: How COVID-19 Exposed the Need for Fast and Easy Access to Data.


200 new cases today. My city had the highest number of cases in the country. I think there are more cases today than yesterday, or aren’t there? This type of scenario has played out in our daily conversations since March 2020 . The overwhelming, dynamic and never-before experienced nature of the pandemic, has increased the need for fast and easy access to data to understand what is happening.

The implications of openness during the shutdown are greater than just simply knowing how many cases are today. Being informed on the trends of the spread, which areas are more affected, the symptoms through the infection, amongst others, contribute to an adequate handling of a pandemic. Moreover, the shutdown also exposed and initiated the need for digitization of services where human touch is not needed.

Join us in December for the online sessions with experienced professionals and pioneers in the field, and understand how COVID-19 exposed the need for fast and easy access to data.

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