Welcoming and Opening of the Conference:

Blerta Thaçi, Executive Director, Open Data Kosovo

Session 1:
Who is looking at my data? Should we trust governments with our data?

Moderated by Blerta Thaçi, Executive Director, Open Data Kosovo

When we think about the benefits of digital transformation to improve citizens’ lives, we have to bring in the equation of how such tools could also compromise their personal information and privacy. The panelists will discuss the key aspects of digital rights and how countries across the Balkans are advocating on the protection of basic human digital rights, internet freedom, taking control of our personal data and much more.

Speaker 1:

Mr. Bardhyl Jashari, Metamorphosis Foundation from North Macedonia

Speaker 2:

Mr. Andrej Petrovski, SHARE Foundation from Serbia

Speaker 3:

Mr. Blerim Rexha, UNIVERSITY OF PRISHTINA from Kosovo

Speaker 4:

Mr. Robert Shala, SENTRY from Kosovo

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Session 2:
Addressing the Importance of Data Protection as a Region

Moderated by Dafina Olluri, Deputy Director, Open Data Kosovo

The digitization of processes has brought many threats into existence, thus, sparking important concerns regarding Data Protection. Data breaches, safety of our data, and cyber attacks are some of the key concerns that will be discussed by the invited speakers for this panel. The representatives from the WB countries will speak about how their institutions are addressing such pressing matters and what kinds of mechanisms are being used for their prevention or sanction.

Speaker 1:

Ms. Krenare Sogojeva Dërmaku, Kosovo Commissioner, Information and Privacy Agency (AIP) from Kosovo

Speaker 2:

Mr. Gjorgji Rajchinoski, Junior Associate - Supervisor (Supervision Department, Department for Security Violations and Violations of the Right to Personal Data Protection), Personal Data Protection Agency, from North Macedonia

Speaker 3:

Ms. Besa Velaj, Head of Cabinet, Office of Commissioner for Freedom of Information and Data Protection from Albania

Speaker 4:

Mr. Aleksa Ivanović, former member of the Council of the Agency for protection of personal data and free access to information in Montenegro, and an expert on protection of personal data from Montenegro

Speaker 5:

[Remotely] Mr. Uroš Misljenovic, Programme Officer at Partners Serbia from Serbia


Session 3:
Striving to Increase the Level of Openness and Good Governance Across Countries

Moderated by Delvina Haxhijaha, Project Manager, Open Data Kosovo

Many initiatives have risen to promote transparency, accountability and citizen participation, which has resulted in various countries to recognize the significance of open governance. The panel will engage an array of experts to share developments of open government, tackle on the importance of increasing transparency and citizen engagement, and how data is governed, shared, and used for the public good as a new global standard deriving from the Global Data Barometer framework.

Speaker 1:

[Remotely] Ms. Helen Darbishire, Access Info Europe from Spain

Speaker 2:

[Remotely] Ms. Marieke Schenk, The Open Government Learning and Expertise Center from the Netherlands

Speaker 3:

Mr. Fidan Kalaja, The Ministry of Local Government Administration from Kosovo

Speaker 4:

Ms. Mexhide Demollit Nimani, Executive Director, Lëvizja FOL Kosovo from Kosovo

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Session 4:
Engaging Citizens through an Open and Transparent Parliament

Moderated by Ariana Gjuli, Project Manager, Open Data Kosovo

Institutions around the world aim to increase openness, as it represents a key condition for democracy, in order to equip their citizens with the necessary information for equal participation in the political world, effective decision making and institutional accountability. The panel will engage on the efforts and milestones achieved regarding the use of information technology to develop a more accountable and transparent government.

Speaker 1:

Ms. Shqipe Krasniqi, Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo from Kosovo

Speaker 2:

Ms. Arbëreshë Kryeziu Hyseni, Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo from Kosovo [TBC]

Speaker 3:

Ms. Afërdita Syla, National Democratic Institute (NDI) from Kosovo

Speaker 4:

Ms. Agnesa Haxhiu, Kosovo Democratic Institute (KDI) from Kosovo

Final remarks


Opening Remarks

-Blerta Thaçi, ODK, Kosovo
-Krysztof Izdebski, ePaństwo Foundation, Poland
-Conference Moderator: Blerina Ramaj

Session 1: Open Contracting

-Sandor Lederer, K-Monitor, Hungary
-Muhedin Nushi, Prishtina Municipality, Kosovo
-Karolis Granickas, Open Contracting Partnership, Lithuania
-Moderated by: Dafina Olluri

Coffe Break

Session 2: Data Journalism: A new way of combating disinformation?

-Sotiris Sideris, AthensLive, Greece
-Ana Poenariu, RISE, Romania
-Natalija Jovanovic, BIRN, Serbia
-Moderated by: Albert Spahiu

Lunch Break

Session 3: Artificial Intelligence with policy making- challenges and solutions

-Marta Halicka, Sociologist, Poland
-Daniel Kerekes, POLITICALCONSULTING.SK, Slovakia
-Bartosz Paszcza, Jagiellonian Club, Poland
-Moderated by: Krzysztof Izdebski

Networking Break

Session 4: How to build successful collaboration between different stakeholders

-Georges Labreche, Open Data Kosovo, Kosovo
-Qendresa Sulejmani, Metamorphosis Foundation, North Macedonia

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